Dave and Joy

This letter is to thank Jeff Joyer for his excellent real estate service! Jeff assisted us with the initial phase of preparing to sell our home to the final phase of closing our home. Jeff was instrumental in carefully coordinating each step of the process and did so with professionalism while maintaining a user-friendly style that was appreciated throughout the entire process. The decision to sell and details that are required from day one to final signing can be overwhelming and Jeff made his services available to us by answering numerous questions that were outside of his role and did not limit our access to his services to “normal business hours”. Jeff provided resources to us through each phase and his expertise proved to be a positive influence for us as “sellers” and it was obvious to us that, he incorporated the same service to “buyers” which ultimately resulted in win/win. We are sincerely thankful to Jeff for his support, expertise, professionalism, humor, honesty, resources, and indescribable overall integrity to his role as our Realtor.

— Dave and Joy, Sellers