Carol’s Story

Janet, my trusted assistant of the past 38 years, said, “Carol called.  She’d like you to list her lake place in Mora.”  I said, “I don’t do Mora.” Janet’s reply, “For Carol, you will.”  Carol was a retired real estate agent.  We had worked in the same office for years.  Upon retiring, she moved to Fish Lake.  Now, years later, it was time to move closer to family.  Yes, we agreed to help Carol sell her property.

After a year, and only two showings, our confidence was sagging a bit.  Then, early one morning my phone rang.  A buyer wanted to take a second look.  A glance at my calendar told me I had an open schedule for the day; it could have been a day off.  I could meet Kevin and Julie at 10:30 AM.  After a long and close second look, clearly, they were interested.  They needed to discuss between themselves before making an offer.  On my time-consuming ride home, I called the agent who had the other showing, to let them know we had a second showing.  Any further interest?  Yes!  An offer was being reviewed by her buyer’s attorney.  I would have it before the day’s end.  Right then, my phone rang, Kevin wanted to meet to draft an offer.  I turned around to head back to Mora.  By 3:30 I had two offers for Carol.

To be continued…