Chickens in the House: Part One

As I arrived at a listing appointment in rural Columbus, I was surprised to see Mrs. Owner rushing out to greet me.  Not typical for a first-time meeting.  She was quick to the point,  “Do you know why we called you?  You live on a farm, right? We figured you would best understand us having chickens in our house.”  My response?  “Well, so do we….let’s go in.”

Now the difference,  the chickens in my basement were recently hatched baby chicks in a box.  Their chickens were full-size and of prize-worthy stock.  And there were dozens of other critters too, some rare and possibly protected.

The listing appointment went well until they said I was the only one who could show their property.  I explained there are 15,000 other agents and one of them might have the best buyer.  They were visibly concerned by the prospect of getting their property ready for the open market.

I shared that I was showing buyers a couple of hobby farms this coming weekend and maybe those buyers would like theirs.  To my surprise, the buyers, who had been looking for years for a rambler on acreage, fell in love with this split entry.

To be continued….