Chickens in the House: Part Two

The “chicken house” owners accepted a contingent offer from the first couple to look at their home. They also were going to decline any other showings; relieved now that they would not have to move the chickens out to the colder barn.

It’s several weeks later, and I’m meeting with those buyers to discuss the progress of selling their Blaine home. At the kitchen table, I explained “feedback from showings has consistently mentioned pet odor.” Now, I’m blessed with a nose of limited ability. But I was aware of the aging dog with a bladder issue resting nearby.   The owner’s response was quick, “I knew it! When we bought this place 15 years ago, the previous owners had a cat. There was a smell in the family room then.”

My advice? “We need to either reduce the price or replace the carpets.” Since reducing the price was vastly quicker and easier than removing furniture and installing carpet, they reduced the price by about 5%. Within a week we had an acceptable offer.