Jeff’s Life Lessons Learned from Special People

Passing a 40-year milestone in business is an occasion for reflection.  I am grateful for the people and experiences/lessons that have shaped me into the person I’ve become.

The following are from my experiences:

On the first day of kindergarten when half the kids were crying for their parents, I remember thinking “What’s the problem?” having just walked 5 blocks there with my 6-year-old sister.

Life Lesson:  Awareness, Adaptable, Resilience

My third-grade teacher, Sister Benedict insisted “Always finish what you start.”  From that day on, I would start eating my mashed potatoes and finish them before starting on something else.

Life Lesson:  Dedication, Persistence

In fourth grade, I was placed with the Bluebirds – the faster reading group, where I worked hard to belong.

Life Lesson:  Determination

In fifth grade, Mrs. Maher told us that the United States had unlimited natural resources and I seriously doubted her.

Life Lesson:  Questioning Declarative Statements

In eighth grade, Sister Charlotte guided me to a private high school for a fresh start.  (I was younger and smaller than most of my elementary classmates and often treated as such.)

Life Lesson:  Optimism

In ninth grade intramural soccer, Brother Dominic choose me to be a captain to pick sides.  (A treat for someone who was often chosen last).  I promptly picked the next two least likely players to be chosen for my team.

Life Lesson:  Consideration and Empathy

In tenth grade, Brother Montgomery inspired me with the importance of communication, treating perception as being a reality, a love of drama, and involvement in theater.

Life Lesson:  Develop Communication Skills and Pursue Psychology Studies

In twelfth grade, middle distance track Coach Gibbons, signed me up to anchor the sprint medley after I told him I wasn’t feeling up to it.  Apparently, as Captain, there was an obligation to the team.  What followed was my most memorable race.

Lesson:  The Lower the Lows the Higher the Highs!