Now what?

We listed and sold her townhouse in a 3 day period. Part of the negotiations on the townhouse sale was factoring in shopping time to find our client her forever home. The market can be challenging when faced with low inventory and multiple buyers interested in the same properties. After the whirlwind of looking at multiple properties and making offers on 5 separate homes; the 6th offer was finally accepted. Inspections were done, appraisals were underway and we were in the waiting period for the closings. And then on Valentine’s Day I received the call; the buyers financing for the townhouse fell through… Now what?

We were supposed to close on 3/9. School transcripts were already transferred, plans made, the new house was “the one” – it was near friends and in the community my client wanted to be in.
The answer was clear, my buyer was going to proceed with her purchase and I would guarantee the sale of her townhouse. After numerous phone calls, orchestrating showings, inspections and clearing up title work we were able to resell the townhouse and keep our close date of 3/9!

Crystal, thank you for allowing us to navigate you through your real estate adventure!