Should I Just Give Up My License?

On Jan 26, 2015, we sold a modest townhome in 6 days.  And the property sold within $100 of the prior list price.  This was a property that had been on the market previously for several months with another agent.  Very shortly afterward, I received the following email:

“I was wondering if you could PLEASE tell me how you sold 4149 Austin so quickly.  I tried Realtor opens and anything else I could think of and could not move it.  I am thinking it’s time for me to just give up my license because I obviously do not know what I am doing.  Knowing how you got it sold would help.”


How do you respond?  Our clients might say: Understanding of the Market, Attention to detail.  Good photography and marketing, an experienced team, strong negotiators, accessible and helpful.  My response?  Keep your license.  I’d be happy to visit with you in detail…

Thank you Mike and Amy.