Thank You to Our 2018 Clients

We would like to say “thank you” to the many families we had the opportunity to work with last year, selling or buying:

Brian and Cindy Barott

Dan and Lisa Becker

Dennis and Susan Becker

Janine Blackbird

Lauren Boeckman

Joseph and Mallery Bowron

Dave and Donna Carpentier

Robyn Chapman

Kevin Cokley

Julie Cokley

Milton and Karen Dale

Ken and Kathy DuFresne

Roger and Mary DuFresne

Jason and Maureen Ebanks

Jeff and Sharon Englar

Carol Evans

Paul and Deb Farinella

Alan and Penny Friesen

Jay Frischmon

Dave and Diane Goiffon

Kyle Gunderson and Katie Gestach

Alex and Danneka Halverson

Adam Henderson

Angie Fisher

Ron Hill

Garrett Hughes and Dianna Schave

Virginia Hughes

Brent and JoEllen Jensen

Jeff Johnson

Dave Kammerer and Patty Ramacher

Mary Kay Kersting

Debbie Kirchner

Alison Kirwin and Tim Johnson

Jason and Nikki Kuechenmeister

Verlo and Kay Larson

Steve and Karen Lewis

Sharlene Lindberg

Suzy Lindberg

Dennis and Nancy McDevitt

Roger and Barbara Merrill

Brett and Deb Mickelson

Nichole Mundis Goad

Matt and Alyson Nelson

Gary Ostergren and Patty Meyer

Nick Overby

Lisa Palm

Nate Palm

Larry and Gail Peterson

Sarah Pfauth

Gary and Vicki Ptacek

Cena Pugliese

Jessica Rivard

Eric and Cindy Schmittdiel

Tony Schwieters, TES Construction

Tony and Kim Schwieters

Jake and Karee Smith

Matt and Sara St. Hilaire

Suzanne Tako

Dennis Thiel

Alan Thielen

Chris and Gail Todora

Debbie Torgrimson

John and Mandy Turner

Jimmy and Kelly Jo Underdahl

Blake Van Denburgh

Bonnie Van Heel

Amanda Weise

Connor Willis and Cristina Dorschner