Carol’s Story: Part Two

I was in Mora with two offers on Carol’s lake place and no Carol.  So I camped out at the local restaurant until I could reach her.  At about 4:45, my phone rang, “Sorry I missed your message. I was at card club.”  After reviewing the two attractive offers, it was obvious to us both that her home was sold.  Carol said,  “There is one problem.  It’s been a year and I have not been looking.”  I said, “I think you should look at the Circle Pines twin-home I listed last night.”  That evening when we pulled up to the front of the property, Carol said, “I think this is it.”  And it was!  By 8:00 PM that day, I had shown and sold two of my listings.  One a year on the market, one a day on the market.  Both on a day that 12 hours earlier looked like a day off.  No, I don’t claim credit for a day like this.  Often I feel like a pawn in a Master Plan.  Clearly, Carol had a Guardian Angel moving me around.

Thank you Carol, Kevin and Julie