Understanding The Market

Following are short videos answering some of the most commonly asked real estate questions, plus observations and trends. Created and narrated by Jeff Joyer, The Family Realtor since 1977.

Long Term Pricing Trends

120 Year History of Real Estate Values

How's the Market?

Forces Affecting Supply and Demand in Real Estate

Perspective on Affordability

Seasonal Pricing Variations

Catch the wave - A snapshot of Market activity

Can we predict?

Incrementally Better

Interest Rates

Interest Rates - a 40 Year perspective

Changing Interest Rates and Buying Power

1% increase in Rates reduces Buying Power by 10%

Balancing Point of Rising Interest Rates

When is the best time to sell?

Timing the Real Estate Market

Advice for Baby Boomers

Understanding Property Taxes

Home Improvements... For your Enjoyment

Our Business Philosophy

After so many years... why be just an agent?

Approach to Solving Problems

Help Clients make good long term decisions

My Secret to Success in 11 seconds!