Guardian Angel Get Away: 1 of 7

It was my job to tell a young couple with recently born twins that their closing was going to be delayed from Friday to Tuesday, “What about our truck rental and how do we get help, on a Tuesday?”

A cavalry of help did show up on Tuesday ages 8-38. Kids, cousins, family friends, and two trucks.

To our alarm, the house next door was closed off with yellow police tape following the shooting from the night before. Scary people loitered nearby. This low-rent location for their college years clearly was not family-friendly.

15 of us packed 2 trucks in 45 minutes and were ready to leave when someone asked, “Where’re the keys to the moving van?” The client said, “On the dresser in the bedroom” … long pause… It was decided I would take the woman, children, and one truck to the next house. 5 brave males would stay behind and unload the other truck to find the keys.

As we pulled away they were huddled in prayer. Then an inspired thought, “Let’s each try the keys in our pocket. It’s a Ford, who has a Ford key?” The first random key tried started the engine and the crew made a safe getaway.