Have A Little Faith – Part One

It was 2:15 pm on Thursday and I was with Sellers at the Village Inn restaurant.  We were reviewing an offer on their home.  Mrs. Seller said,  “It’s great. It’s more than we expected, but the Buyers want to move in on the 23rd!  That’s about a month away, and we don’t have any homes to look at that we are excited about.”

My response was, “Yes unless we find a house by this weekend you should be prepared for a double move.  At least you are being paid for the inconvenience.”

After more conversation, I shared, “I know it’s easy for me to say – I’m not the one who might be homeless, but I’ve been through this with 100’s of Sellers and we don’t have enough imagination to know how this is going to turn out.”  They agreed to sell.

To be continued…