Heavy Weight Inspector: 3 of 7

It was the first big thunderstorm of the season and it was no surprise when the phone rang, “Jeff, our roof is leaking.” This was a buyer who selected his own home inspector. I remember him asking after the inspection, “Did I get my money’s worth?” After a brief walk-through, the 350-pound inspector announced, “Looks good. The living room floor joists could use some extra support.” When asked about other items he said, “I don’t do appliances or roofs.” After the inspector left we tried the appliances, operated all the windows, and even tested the electrical outlets one by one. For lack of a ladder, we didn’t go on the roof. And now it was leaking. (Few people know, and if you can keep a secret…I worked my way through college roofing about 500 homes). Almost before the storm was done, I arrived with supplies and a ladder. Together we discovered what would have been obvious. Missing shingles on the back side of the 2nd story.