Hi, I’m Bob: Part 1

In the ’80s, I was a Sales Manager for a new home builder. 11:30 a.m. on a glorious Sunday, the agent scheduled for the model home called in sick. I hugged Mary and said, “I’ll be at the model till 5.” As I settled in at the model two cars drove up and 4 couples, twice my age, were walking up to the two-story townhome. I greeted the first gentleman and he said, “Hi I’m Bob” and then the second gentleman, “Hi, I’m Bob” followed by a laugh. Now I knew they were here for a good time and I relaxed, determined to have as much fun as they were having.

After they scoured the place from top to bottom, we gathered in the living room, “Here are the keys to a twin home rambler under construction, I think you’ll like better”, and they did! When the dust settled, 3 sisters and 2 brothers along with a best friend, moved into 5 contiguous twin homes and enjoyed each other’s company for their retirement years.

Thank you Bob and Fran, Bob and Helen, John, Ruth and Richard, Don and Marilyn, and Harold and Dorothy

To be continued…