How Do You Catch An Ostrich: 4 of 7

As the young Veterinarian answered the phone he said to his wife, “It’s Jeff Joyer, the Family Realtor. He listed a hobby farm he thinks is right for us.” Even though they weren’t looking to move at the time, the young couple did take a look. Yes, it would be a dream come true. But with 3 kids, including toddler twins, the time wasn’t quite right. Jeff found another buyer literally helping her move her menagerie of animals to the Ham Lake acreage. How do you catch an ostrich? Cover its head with a sleeping bag and lead it to the horse trailer while staying clear of legs that could crush a 55-gallon steel drum.

After years passed the Veterinarian got another call out of the blue. The Ham Lake hobby farm was coming back on the market. “Interested?”


The Joyer Home Team sold their Shoreview home with a newer roof and they moved to “the farm”.