How’d we get the house? Because… “It’s ugly”.

From the 2020 trenches…

We were in multiple offers … we offered over list price and agreed to buy the property as-is by waiving the inspection, however, the sellers selected one of the competing offers.

In an effort to access more options the buyers decided to raise their search price.  We found another home that fit their criteria, it was actually a better fit as it was a two-story with a great layout and backed up to beautiful open space.  However, with the increased price range the buyers weren’t able to offer over list price.  We submitted an offer at full price waiving the inspection.  Much to our surprise, we got the home!  Why you may ask? Because it’s ugly.  No; not really!!! It just had the original 90’s colors on the inside.  Pink and blue counters, teal carpet… all things that can eventually be changed!

Not all homes are attracting multiple offers and selling for over list price.