Lesson learned early… I always remember Dark Horse

After having my first sale under my belt I was eager to continue on.  At another open house I met buyers that were looking for a larger hobby farm.  They had a home to sell but were looking for what they described as a needle in the haystack.  As a novice, I agreed to show them homes prior to listing their property.  I tirelessly drove them around to properties all over the greater, greater metro… they landed on Dark Horse, a property in Cannon Falls.  Yes, Cannon Falls, I traveled far in my younger years.  We wrote a contingent offer for them to purchase Dark Horse upon the successful sale of their current home.  However, their current home wasn’t show ready and we weren’t able to get it to a price point that would make the move work for them.

They ended up not getting Dark Horse and not selling their current house with me.  They did end up moving; but they didn’t use me to make their move… this was an unforgettable lesson for me on how I have to guide the process.  Even though clients desperately want to buy first it is not always in their best interest and they may not be capable of doing so.  With years of experience under my belt I am now able to explain this process better to clients as I have seen firsthand the heartache of the Dark Horse debacle.