Mission Improbable

“We’d like you to find us a home on acreage in the Centennial school district.”

“You do know Centennial is geographically one of the smallest school districts in the state?”

“We really want our boys to play hockey for Centennial.”

“Okay then. If I found one for you today could you buy it?”

“No. We would need to sell our home on 20 acres in Fish Lake Township first.”

“Fish Lake, West of Harris, that might be the bigger challenge.”

We need to list and sell first, so you are in a position to buy if a special opportunity arises. 339 days later; a purchase agreement was accepted on Fish Lake property. We identified the acceptable areas of interest. Nothing was currently for sale. While the clients drove the streets, Jeff searched on his hard drive, sifting through past clients and contacts. Crunch time, 3 weeks until homeless, Mrs. Client says:

“It’s not for sale, but there’s a house I like on Leonard Avenue.”

Jeff’s reply – “Is it the yellow one with white trim and extra garage?”


“They are past clients from 19 years ago. I’ve been trying to reach them for 3 days. I figure that two story is too big for them by now.”

Yes, the owners of Leonard were ready to downsize. SOLD! No sign, no ads, no hassle.

Thank you Pete and Jodi and Pete and Judy.