My Angriest Client

The receptionist paged me, “Can you come to the lobby and meet with someone? He’s upset.” I met. I listened, for about an hour. He wanted to know what his options were for retribution. Should he go to the manager? The Broker? The Board of Realtors? Or the Commissioner of Commerce? Maybe all of them. Why was he so upset? He wanted to help his son buy a house. A listing agent stalled showing them a house while selling it to someone else; probably a relative, for probably less than they would have paid if given the chance. He was red-faced livid. He stopped in our office to build his case against this agent from an unnamed company. I confirmed he had multiple courses of potential action to extract a pound of flesh. I provided names and addresses. Then I shared, “All of the negative effort and energy will not get your son that house or any house. Let’s focus on finding your son a home he likes better.” And we did. And then we found another for Son #2. And now my Angriest client is among our Happiest.