One of My First Land Sales

Many years ago, before cell phones, I was in the real estate office answering calls and working the floor. A man about 3 times my age walked in and said he wanted to buy the 8 acres I had just listed.

“Great, let’s go take a look at it.”

“No. I want to buy it.”

“Want to see some maps?”

“No. I want to buy it.”

“Okay. Want to discuss terms?”

“No. I’ll pay full price cash.”

“Okay. When would you want to close?”

“As soon as you can do the paperwork.”

Being a young and aware salesperson, I picked up on the buying signals and did the paperwork. Afterward, I asked him for the rest his story, because sales don’t often happen like that. He said, “It’s a rare opportunity when you can buy adjoining land.” It was a powerful lesson to learn early in my career.