There Is Always A Buyer: Part One

An Agent, frustrated with his unsold listing of 5 ½ months, called me and said, “Joyer, seems you can sell anything in Lino Lakes. Can I refer one to you?”  It was a modest 3-level with a 3-car garage and backed up to 35W at Sunset.  Within a couple of weeks of taking the listing, I sold it myself to the first person I showed it to.  Of course, I had to sell his Roseville property to make it happen, which I promptly did!

At closing, I asked Mr. Murphy, who was a senior with a stiff leg, why he chose to buy a multi-level home on a very noisy intersection?  He said, “The garage/shop was the attraction and I use a lot of power tools and couldn’t imagine anyone would complain about my noise.”  It was 1996.

To be continued, 7 years later…