This is John O. – Hi I’m Bob: Part 2

It was Monday morning after a busy sales weekend. The phone rang, “Hello, this is John O., save me that corner lot in Golden Oaks”, “I’d be happy to meet with you and work out the details.”  “Just save it for me, what do you want a check or something?” Clearly, this was a no-nonsense prospect for a new twin home to be built.

As the conversation continued, I understood why John wanted to buy over the phone, sight unseen. He and Ruth missed the caravan to the model home the day before. If her sisters were each buying a twin home in Circle Pines then they were too. I took John’s order over the phone and he did send a check!

It was heartwarming how those 5 siblings enjoyed their later years together for nearly 3 decades.

Thank you John and Ruth