What are coming soon listings?

At the end of 2018 the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) formed a new listing status, the coming soon status.  Little did they know that 2020 would be coming soon…

The coming soon status has proved to make the current marketplace even more confusing for buyers and sellers too.  These listings are advertised on all websites and emailed out to buyers via their search portals however buyers can not physically go look at these houses until the listing status changes from coming soon to active.  Buyers can schedule the showing in advance as the active status dates are posted at the time of listing.  This means at any given time buyers may have showings scheduled a week in advance on multiple different listings.  Simultaneously, other housing options come available; homes that are listed in active status, and the buyers could buy right away.

We advise our sellers to skip the coming soon status and go straight to being an active listing!  This allows buyers instant access to your listing; they can purchase it right away and the listing doesn’t get buried in cyberspace.