Why I Answer My Phone When Ever Possible

15 years ago, I answered a phone call on the day of a Christmas evening gathering. They wanted to see a listing of mine as soon as possible.   With a glance at the time I said, “Of course, I can meet you in an hour at the property.”

The property was a larger home on 30 acres at the end of a very long private road. The showing went a little longer than I expected; they liked it and they bought it. They also had a house to sell; a large log home also on acreage. Over the next 90 days, I listed and sold their property.

Of course, the original sellers also needed a new home.  We drove around White Bear Lake in search of a home with lake access. After a week of searching, Mrs. Client pointed at an attractive white home with a green roof, “I want that house.” Two weeks later when it showed up for sale, they bought it.

By answering my phone that Christmas season, I had 5 transactions with a sale volume of over 1.5 million. And I wonder why more agents don’t answer their phones.